Once Auberon recovered his soul, he heard that Tim was Titania's son, but he discarded this as false, as the boy had not fairy blood on him. Poor Perry's gonna have a heart attack if you don't! Villains: Captain of the Guards • Hakon • David Xanatos • Street Thugs • The Pack • Fox Xanatos • Coyote • Tony Dracon • Macbeth • Banquo • Fleance • Gillecomgain • Anton Sevarius • Taro • Preston Vogel • Archmage • The Weird Sisters • Banshee • Puck • Proteus • Anansi • Odin • Raven • Jackal • Hyena • Wolf • Dingo • Ekidna • Quarrymen • Matrix • Mace Malone • Street Thugs • The Assassin • Tomas Brod • Helios, Season Two: Leader of the Pack • Metamorphosis • Legion • A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time • The Mirror • The Silver Falcon • Eye of the Beholder • Vows • City of Stone • High Noon • Outfoxed • The Price • Revelations • Double Jeopardy • Upgrade • Protection • The Cage • Avalon • Shadows of the Past • Heritage • Monsters • Golem • Sanctuary • M.I.A.

How came these things to pass? Does not include Ascension& Kingdom bonuses Mythic:+1 Attack,+2 Life,+1 Armor* Visit Ascending& Leveling Troops for more information Titania ended the body of Briar Rose, who's soul was forced to wander until find another body. She was a poor human girl living around the middle ages in England called Rosemary, who went to the woods to find kindling. This lead to a war with Molly, that left the Fair Lands into ashes.

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Wanting to avoid war with Hell, she used this information to scare the Lords of Hell, protecting the kingdom in her armor, at the head of her army.

As a Queen again by necessity, she felt melancholic, and went back to the walking world, where she found her old house destroyed by time.

Titania's sister, The Queen of Air and Darkness grew jealous of her sister's domain and wished to rule it for her own. Every eternity or so, a pair of Archfey twins arise to rule over the two courts. Teleportation, paralyzing, shapeshifting, illusion casting, dream creation, spell casting, manipulation. She is the wife of Oberon and Queen of the Third race. DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community.

They were all too used to magic to do their shores, so a little of work was a concept too strange for them, and kept visiting her and help her, leaving Titania unattended.

Thy power to child's strength restrain, till hunt be done and the issue was known, this contest wins by craft alone. My Oberon!

Though, it was shown that her failure to do so was all her idea from the beginning. She thinks traveling outside of Athenia is too dangerous for her only daughter. Queen Titania is a recurring character in the Nickelodeon Sitcom, The Other Kingdom. Her fight with her husband causes nature to act strangely, and her fairies always follow her commands.

It is worth noting that while Oberon existed long before Shakespeare's play, Titania was created specifically for it.

Queen Mab was against the relationship between Titania and her son, Oberon. Greg Weisman stated that Titania, like Oberon, is connected with power, and through her magic, she can do anything she desires within the common limits of the fairies.


Briar Rose plotted, with Barbatos, to add the kings to their revenge, but the arrival of Molly to the Fair Lands with Yarrow stopped theirs plans. Her Kingdom received the visit of Molly O'Reilly, who wasn't impressed of the fairies and her customs.

Silence awhile. Her magic, like other fairies, doesn't work directly on iron and because of Oberon's law, she cannot influence lives of mortals directly as Titania. But when Oberon overthrew Mab, they got married and Lady Titania took the title "Queen." Voljak Silverbark's parents, Kammik and Ophelia, were members of Titania's Court before their death at the hands of the Gloaming Court. Despite her gentle nature, she was was quick to anger if she felt she had been slighted.

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However it is implied, that she does not suffer from either of these limitations as Anastasia, unlike Puck as Owen does and The Banshee as Molly did, due to her fields of expertise and her relationship with both Renard and Fox.

She recogniced him, but did not tell him nothing at all. ", Titania, and by extension Anastasia Renard, is one of the several characters played by a. Titania. Also, with this action, half the essence of the fay returned to the Fair Lands.

She is good, generous, and beautiful.

She could not, though, confront the leveler, as when she stopped the Lords of Hell, all of fairy became mist, and lost it shape until someone from the fair lands could wish it enough to save it.

[4] She did had a son with Auberon at some time, but she gave it to the Lords of Hell, to pay a tithe.

Auberon lost his soul in the walking world, tricked by Gwendolyn, and feeling his absence she traveled along with Amadan to earth. According to Oberon, she once disdained humans with such disregard that Oberon divorced her.

Her time among humans has made her more empathic to them, having come to know the good and love that they're capable of, as well as what the worst among them can do. Queen Titania ruled with kindness, grace, and elegance, valuing beauty, art, and nature. Titania is the Seelie Queen. Heroes and Heroines: Princess Katharine • Prince Malcolm • Princess Elena • Magus • Tom • Elisa Maza • Owen Burnett • Puck • Alexander Fox Xanatos • Matt Bluestone • Diane Maza • Carlos Maza • Fara Maku • Tea Gora • Peter Maza • Derek Maza • Beth Maza • Duncan • Halcyon Renard • Oberon • Titania • King Arthur • Lady of the Lake • Anubis • Coyote the Trickster • Taurus • Petros Xanatos • Boreas • Grandmother • Natsilane • Merlin • Cagney • Margot Yale • Brendan Quarters • Maxwell what visions have I seen! He was then made a slave, as other fairies, and forced to bring water, or became a doll for Barbatos to sell in the walking world. There lies your love. She gave Nuala to Dream as a token of good faith, until, advised by Cluracan of the menace that befall Lord Shaper, she asked for Nuala back.

Now, my Titania; wake you, my sweet queen.

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