“Seven hours of labor. She could stay in Turkey where she might end up imprisoned, at risk of torture and sexual assault, and separated from her young children.
BERGEN COUNTY, N.J. – On the run in Turkey, Yasin Atik changed apartments four times, pulled his children out of school and avoided parks and hospitals where officers might ask for his identification. Fethullah Gulen:Alleged mastermind of attempted coup in Turkey is cleric living in Pennsylvania, 'Don't be a tough guy':Donald Trump pens letter to Turkish President Erdogan after Syria phone call, “When you criticize the government, it’s unfortunately very difficult to live in Turkey,” said Murat Kaval, president of Advocates of Silenced Turkey, a global human rights advocacy group based in Wayne, New Jersey. “He was a wonderful, wonderful, healthy man. “The judge felt monetary awards should have been larger in aggregate, and that’s for everyone,” Kohler said. Among them are teachers, lawyers and journalists who were labeled terrorists or enemies of the state in a purge under Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who blames Gulen for a failed coup attempt in 2016. CBC is not identifying the couple or sharing certain details because of safety concerns for relatives in Turkey. Like many who have fled, Mustafa is a member of the Gulen movement. In his government's eyes, he was a supporter of terrorists. Please follow me on Twitter @LeylaGulenFOX24 & #Periscope 'Theory' explores the magical bond between a husband, wife and family who are forced to deal with a debilitating ALS diagnosis that befell their patriarch. Leyla Gulen. Turkish Embassy officials did not respond to requests for comment about alleged human rights abuses. In 2015, the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada received 295 refugee protection claims from Turkey. Recently, we had the pleasure to host ABC News 4 Charleston, Dave Williams and Fox 24’s Leyla Gulen for their weekly feature #dinnerondave. To supporters, Gulen is an enlightened leader who champions education, interfaith dialogue and tolerance. “It was difficult to go before a judge and try to explain to somebody what your dad is worth in dollars.”. Follow Hannan Adely on Twitter: @AdelyReporter. He expects they will arrive in a month. I told her, yes, it's free here. I told her she shouldn't be afraid," she said. A Turkish coup, a family torn apart, a dramatic escape on foot: 'Can you believe the things we went through? Turkish authorities accuse the movement’s leader, Fethullah Gulen, a Muslim cleric based in the United States and former ally of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, of orchestrating the deadly plot to topple the government. He believed his family would be safe in Turkey until he could send for them. American immigration courts may grant asylum to people who prove they face persecution in their homelands based on race, religion, nationality or social or political affiliations. “You’re labeled a terrorist.”, Erdogan faces international condemnation after launching a military campaign against Kurdish forces in northern Syria. Mustafa said they were treated as criminals, "even though we didn't do anything.". Replies. His wife was pregnant. He has been leading the charge to increase the cap to align with today’s cost of living. Just two months after that interview, the 27-year-old died from a morphine overdose. Veolia denies liability, and claims the crash was due to equipment malfunction and not a single text. The sky was inky black on the morning Leyla and her children crept from their home, despite objections from her heartbroken family. Memories of her children falling over on the rough terrain, their little legs scraped and bruised, still haunts her, Leyla said.

And, while the injuries remain, casualties continue to mount. “It’s about the loneliest I think you could ever be, to not have the final goodbye, to not have the closure,” said Simi Valley resident Jenny Fuller, who lost her husband, Walt, in the crash.

The school where she taught English was closed when Erdogan declared a state of emergency after the coup. The man that Turkey’s leaders have blamed for a failed coup attempt by a group of army officers is an Islamic scholar named Fethullah Gulen, who lives in …

Reply Delete. “Kids from the neighborhood stopped playing with my children,” said Tugba, who lives in Garfield.
“My neighbors didn’t greet me back. But, nothing can change what happened to the victims of Metrolink 111 — like Frank Kohler, a former critical care nurse. Life was hard in the country they sought refuge.

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