Gold Derby contributors Sam Eckmann and David Buchanan sound off.

Last...", "Bee wrote: Sword swallower Brett Loudermilk was rescued by the Dunkin’ Save while singing duet Double Dragon won the Judges Vote over ukuleleist Feng E. On the second quarterfinal, three very different acts won over the public: dance duo BAD Salsa, singer Daneliya Tuleshova and Terry’s Golden Buzzer vocal group Voices of our City Choir. Simon Cowell breaks his back falling off bike, will miss this week's 'AGT' live shows, More: 'AGT's copes with daredevil stunt injury, reveals contestant's COVID-19 battle.

Do you know these lucrative Social Security secrets? Joining them are singer Celina Graves, who won the Dunkin’ Save, and acrobats Bello Sisters, who landed the Judges Vote over singing trio Resound. The 'America's Got Talent' star is doing fine after having surgery. Fellow German Klum called the sisters “true athletes” and noted that Mandel was “drooling” during their act. In an early-release video of Vincent Marcus’s AGT audition, fans got to see social media star Vincent Marcus’s comedy … America’s Got Talent: The Champions 2020 concludes tonight, Feb 17, 2020. The singing duo's Cinderella story continued Tuesday.

Bad Salsa wowed with their fast-paced, high-flying dance routine that included dizzying spin sequences and multiple death drops.

"I am so thankful that you came all the way from India for this performance. Vergara called his performance "moving" and Klum added that he has "a special place in my heart." Williams tapped into his traumatic experience of wrongful conviction during an emotional performance of "Blackbird" by the Beatles. Mandel said his Golden Buzzer winner left him "speechless."

4. Vergara called his act "meaningful" and "hopeful."

She added that "AGT" saved "the best for last. She showcased her stunning runs, which are all the more impressive at her age. Viola Davis is literally #1 in the odds a...", Oscars 2021 Predictions: Best Actress (Part 3), "TobiasBuck wrote: "What an amazing ride for you," Vergara said to the Chicago natives. It's so amazing to see you guys in the flesh," Klum exclaimed.

Simon’s Golden Buzzer dance group W.A.F.F.L.E. "You definitely have a light that cannot be dimmed." Mandel added: "Seeing you in person, it's so dynamic and so scary. On the results show on September 23, one of these “America’s Got Talent” finalists will be revealed as the winner and will take home a million dollars and a coveted contract to headline a Las Vegas casino show. 'Big Brother 22' spoilers: Final Head of Household competition Part 2 winner is ... 'Big Brother 22' winner predictions: Cody is overwhelming front-runner, but who's in 2nd…, Was Vernon Davis robbed on 'Dancing with the Stars'? Likewise on quarterfinal three, the trio of talent to make it through via the popular vote were: magician Max Major,  Heidi’s Golden Buzzer singer Cristina Rae and aerialist Alan Silva. Most fans say he should've stayed in the…, 'Big Brother 22' spoilers: Final Head of Household competition Part 2 preview - Who will do battle on…, 'Big Brother 22': How to vote for America's Favorite Houseguest -- YOU decide who wins…, 'Big Brother 22' episode 35 recap: Here's everything that went down during Friday's 'special episode'…, 'Dancing with the Stars'' Villains Night dances (and costumes) are to die for, "1. Only 10 will make it through to the “AGT” 2020 final on September 22. 'AGT' judge Simon Cowell breaks his back in electric bicycle accident. ", 'AGT': Cristina Rae earns Golden Buzzer with 'Gimme Shelter' song after facing homelessness. The Dunkin’ Save went to diablo duo Spyros Brothers while daredevil Jonathan Goodwin claimed the Judges Vote over Alexis Brownley and her dog act. "Out of all the singers, even though you are a baby, you sound the most seasoned," Mandel said.

", Silva, the brother of daredevil Alfredo Silva from Deadly Games on Season 11 and "AGT: The Champions," flew to new heights during a visually stunning act under torrential downpour.

She closed the show by flawlessly nailing high notes on Imagine Dragons' "Demons. 2020 Tony Awards crazy nominations and gutsy predictions: Who’s out front to win? Broken Roots. 2. pov Was ...", The Queen’s Gambit starring Anya Taylor-Joy (Netflix), "I still think it’s early and things might change a lot, bu...", Emmys 2021 Movie/Limited Predictions (Part 1), Top 5 films of 32nd annual NewFest, NY’s LGBTQ film festival: ‘Ammonite,’ ‘Cicada’…. Five of them had been singled out at their auditions by one of the judges (Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara) or host Terry Crews for the Golden Buzzer, which sent them straight through to the live shows.

Leake's talent was a first on the "AGT" stage.

), "It gets better and better. These contenders made it through the four weeks of quarterfinals, with the exception of the Wild Cards, who got thrown a lifeline by producers. ", Mandel made a bold prediction. The top 10 acts only had one more chance to blow America away. Mandel added, "That’s your forte.

Download at the Apple or Google Play Stores to compete for best accuracy scores against our Experts, Editors and Users while predicting the Oscars, ”, ‘Dancing with the Stars,” “Big Brother” and all Hollywood races! The Britain's Got Talent 2020 finals starts on Saturday October 10th. Love Language Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. It was so artistic: The water, the fire," Vergara said. Singer Archie Williams gets second chance after wrongful conviction, daredevil Alfredo Silva from Deadly Games, The Champions': Deadly Games wins Golden Buzzer with 'most dangerous' knife-throwing, Cristina Rae earns Golden Buzzer with 'Gimme Shelter' song after facing homelessness, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. SEE ‘America’s Got Talent’ judges rankings: All 13 judges ranked from worst to best. JOIN OUR LIVE DISCUSSION RIGHT NOW AND SHARE YOUR STRONG OPINIONS in our famous message boards where Broadway stars, producers and writers (scores of them are Tony winners) really want to know what we Derbyites think! Mandel, however, called the routine “the slowest one of all your performances and a little bit shaky.” He wasn’t sure if it would be enough to win it all. My Hair Leake first auditioned for "AGT" in 2017. Six Thirthy 2020-05-25T12:59:51Z. "You won your freedom, you won justice and you won a dream of coming from a tiny cell to the biggest stage on Earth," Mandel said.

", Klum applauded her Golden Buzzer winner. They were chosen by one of the judges — Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara — or host Terry Crews to skip the Judges Cuts round and go straight to the lie shows.

One things is for sure, the judges aren't envious of America's job.

Don’t hide behind pianos. Sign up your pals & colleagues – It’s so easy! Vergara noted that the "kids have been so good this season. He served 37 years behind bars after being wrongfully convicted in 1983. Leake vocalized the unconditional love he has for "my beautiful daughter" Aaliyah: "With you in my grasp, I understood what it meant to wear my heart on my sleeve.

Our odds say she may be eliminated on…, 'Big Brother 22' spoilers: October 26 episode will include Part 1 of Final Head of Household…, Tracking 'The Voice' 4-chair turns for Season 19: John Legend is 2-for-2 thanks to Tamara Jade and Cami…, Yes, 'Dancing with the Stars' will have a double elimination this season, and it'll happen at a very apt…, 'Dancing with the Stars': Why we're anxious/scared/excited to see these celebs play bad guys on….


"I really believe that.

‘The Masked Singer’ Predictions: Episode 5, ‘The Masked Singer’ Predictions: Episode 4, ‘The Masked Singer’ Predictions: Episode 3, PHOTO GALLERY: ‘Masked Singer’ reveals for all seasons, Join the Discussion in our Reality TV Forums, Emmy Predictions slugfests: Experts, Gold Derby Editors & Users, ‘America’s Got Talent’ judges rankings: All 13 judges ranked from worst to best, Where are the first 14 ‘America’s Got Talent’ winners now: Find out what happened to your favorites, Latest prediction odds on Oscar frontrunners. Rae shared some heartwarming news ahead of her performance: She finally has her own home after battling homelessness while pregnant with her son, Jeremiah. Each of the four quarterfinals produced a slate of five acts that moved on in the competition. From my perspective, you are the Queen. SEE Where are the first 14 ‘America’s Got Talent’ winners now: Find out what happened to your favorites.

Take a look at them in our photo gallery above and read our recaps of how each of them got this far below.

The pint-size powerhouse may only be 11 years old, but she has an "old soul" and a mature voice to match, her father said in a video package ahead of her performance.

", Dodds dedicated her "AGT" journey to her family, who all suffer from an eye disease that gradually deteriorates the retina: "When I sing I feel like I am trying to take my family with me. Don’t hide behind guitars. Mandel called Battaglia "the one to beat tonight.". Incredible Blanket Puts Humans In A Deep Sleep, Melting Stress Away. Just finished. Klum said Dodds reminded her of "a young Taylor Swift.". 'AGT':Sofia Vergara and spoken-word performer bond over tragedy in first audience-less show. Mandel applauded Silva's difficulty: "That seemed like the most dangerous one and it was soaking wet.

The “America’s Got Talent” season 15 winner will be one of the 22 acts competing on the semi-finals. After an unprecedented season riddled with COVID-19 restrictions, injuries and illness, "America's Got Talent" is one night away from crowning its $1 million champion.

", The 15-year-old "small town girl" ditched the piano and picked up a guitar for a rendition of Carrie Underwood's "Love Wins." In the fourth quarterfinal, the public picks were: singers and guitarists Broken Roots, singer and pianist Kenadi Dodds, and Howie’s Golden Buzzer spoken word poet Brandon Leake. See latest Oscar predictions by our top Experts. Hurry, 'Big Brother 22' fans: Time is running out to vote for America's Favorite…. Crew earned the Dunkin’ Save and drummer Malik Dope snared the Judges Vote over singer Nolan Neal. The judges agreed that it was a different experience watching up close.

", 'AGT': Sofía Vergara nicknames 'negative Howie' Mandel after endless harsh critiques. Here's all the acts through, plus the semi-finalists in the public vote. Scroll through our photo gallery of all 22 acts, and see how they did in the quarterfinals.

Williams said his "AGT" journey "is the best thing that has ever happened. I wish I was there," he tweeted Tuesday. "This means more than any other performance. ", 'AGT: The Champions': Deadly Games wins Golden Buzzer with 'most dangerous' knife-throwing.

"To see you standing and singing with your guitar is much more energetic," Vergara said. And it all comes down to this. The 14-year-old native of Kazakhstan performed a powerful rendition of Sia's "Alive" in front of a jungle backdrop that looked straight out of Disney's 2009 film "Avatar." ", Vergara called it was "one of my favorite acts I've seen in my life. 'AGT': New judge Sofia Vergara hits her first Golden Buzzer for 10-year-old's powerhouse 'Shallow'. Shane Valentino (‘Trial of the Chicago 7’ production designer) details the challenges of creating both a court room and protest space ... 2020 Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards nominations: ‘Crip Camp,’ ‘Gunda,’ and ‘Mr. You are the one to beat. Most awarded artist(s) of the night 2008 Chris...", "The Person Formerly Known As Linguini wrote:

Deadline Media, Golden Globes TV Predictions: Top 24 All Stars, SAG Awards TV Predictions: Top 24 All Star Users, Golden Globes TV predictions: Top 24 All Stars, ‘Big Brother’ Predictions: Live Episode 10, ‘Big Brother’ Predictions: Live Episode 9, ‘Big Brother’ Predictions: Triple Eviction.

Despite meeting less than a year ago and performing together for the first time ever on "AGT," members Austin Edwards and Joey Kar's chemistry was undeniable during a rocking rendition of Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight.". The 2020 season started with 50 contestants…

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